Zomba Theological College: Academic Information

Since 1977, Zomba Theological College has been effectively training and equipping young men and women for the ordained ministry of the major Protestant Churches in Malawi.
Five CCAP Synods (Blantyre, Livingsonia, Nkhoma, Harare and Zambia) and Churches of Christ are partnering together for this college. The college is conveniently located in the Municipality of Zomba, near Chancellor College.

Academic Programs:
The College offers several academic programs - each designed to meet both synod and student requirements.
(Degree) Bachelor of Divinity (BD) :
This program is open to those who come to the college having already obtained University entrance requirements from MSCE (at Diploma level) or its equivalent along with those sitting and passing the college degree entrance examination.
Diploma in Theology:
Those who have obtained the required standard for the Diploma enter the Diploma program, which is governed by the Board for the Theological Studies, and validated by the University of Malawi
Licentiate in Theology:
All the students selected by each member church take the three-year full-time Licentiate course of preparation for the ordained ministry. This compromises both academic and ministerial formation programs.
Women's Ministry:
The Women's Ministry program is a two year course catering for the needs of the student wives who come to the college with differing educational standards. the aim of the Women's Ministry is to equip women in leadership skills so that they can participate fully with their husbands in the ministry.
At the end of the course the women receive a certificate in leadership, listing the subjects that they have covered at the college.

Courses offered:
Diverse courses are offered providing students with a wide foundation in areas including:
New and Old Testament Studies,
Systematic Theology,
Church History,
Practical Theology,
African Traditional Religion,
Contextual Theology,
Christian Ethics,
Biblical Hebrew and Greek
Admission Requirements:
Zomba Theological College admits students who have been selected and set by the participating member churches. The college also admits non-residential students.
University of Malawi Partnership:
The college works closely with the Department of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Malawi, in particular for the Diploma in Theology programme.

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